Moon B Mused Marionette Theater


The Moon B Mused Marionette Theater has included many marionettes. I've kept only the first few. Most of the others have been sold over the last few years.

  • The very first puppets - the original Bones Jones and the Bad Girlz

  • one of several larger Bones puppets made and sold

  • Androgynes with Cinnamon (also sold)

  • Marigold,one of the very first theater and cast puppets

  • Marigold

  • After the show, evening scene

  • Original Bones Jones and Marigold

  • Jokeheart (one of the first set) and the first Bones Jones
    Those first puppets were about 12-14 inches tall

Lately,parenting, learning web design, and my day job for Bottom of the Cup Tea Room in New Orleans has put the marionettes on the back burner.

Planned future use: puppetry in animation.