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About Leo

Leo Flapjacks Boekbinder

bones jones

The first love - music. After 10 years as a street musician and a few club gigs, I moved on to the building trades, and for the next 15 years the 3 R's (repair, renovate and restore) of the French Quarter's historic and often dilapidated buildings occupied a great deal of my time. Sometime around 2001, I began making marionettes and putting on little shows for art openings and kids in my immediate circle. For the last two years the day job has morphed from maintenence to: some office work, running the front and my current passion - web design. When the need arose to build a web site for my day job, I learned HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver well enough to create one. I've always enjoyed 2D print design , often making flyers and brochures. I also still enjoy making puppets and their sets from start to finish, as well as writing some of the material. In the days to come we would like to produce some animated video using all types of puppets .

1983 thru 1998
street music days