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Karel - Writing

Karel writes creative non-fiction, including essays, articles and poetry

Dwennimen Adinkra symbol

One example is this article on Adinkra Symbols published by Abana magazine The Anvil's Ring..

She explains the origins and the meanings of symbols found in the wrought iron work of the of the French Quarter in New Orleans, Wrought iron balconies and gates were created by the Yoruban people of Ghana in West Africa using their ironworking skills in America. They embedded many of their traditional Adinkra symbols in the ironwork they created.


Karel has been part of the New Orleans Haiku Society for many years and she has contributed to several haiku collections.

One of the most recent was these Haiku, pictures and video, from the first National Haiku poetry day at the Latter Memorial library in new Orleans.recorded April 17, 2012.

Karel has also written a wide variety of essays and other creative non-fiction.

Karel is also a Mother, Actress, Educator, Activist and Artist - one busy woman!